Nature’s Bedding Pellets

Pellets – available in a 40# bag offered on the west coast only

Features and Benefits:

  • Kiln Dried Pine – Non allergenic and healthier for animals
  • Highly Absorbent – Requires less use which lasts longer and saves money
  • Reduces Clean-up – Saves time, easy to pick and dust free – Quick and easy to
    pick than shavings; less volume
  • Environmentally Friendly – less volume and breaks down quicker than shavings

Instructions for Absorption Test:

Demo: 3 9 oz. clear cups, 3 small cups, 1/3 cup of bedding pellet samples (Nature's Bedding Pellets and two competitor pellets) and water or solution.

  1. Add 1/3 cup of Nature's Bedding Pellets into one large clear cup. Repeat with other
    two large clear cups using two other competitor bedding pellets.
  2. Fill small clear cups with 3/4 water. (Optional: Prepare one cup solution of 95% water and 5% ammonia to test each pellets ability to control odor)
  3. Beginning with competitor products, slowly pour small cups of water (or solution)
    into large clear cups of pellets until pellets are completely covered.

Since I first found Nature’s about four years ago, I just won’t use anything else!!! They break up so much easier than the other brands, they smell wonderful, and their lighter color makes the stalls look nicer…
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- Heidi Olds,

Hillsboro, Oregon