Customer Reviews

  • Just a quick note to let you know how much my horses and I LOVE Nature’s Bedding Pellets!!! Since I first found Nature’s about four years ago, I just won’t use anything else!!! They break up so much easier than the other brands, they smell wonderful, and their lighter color makes the stalls look nicer, especially right after cleaning. I have also found them more cost effective than the other brands because they are not only less expensive, they last longer. What more could you ask for! My five equines and I thank you!

    - Heidi Olds, Hillsboro, Oregon


  • I love using Nature's Pellets. They are easy to use, cost effective, and I never have any issues with odor in the barn. I've considered many different bedding options and you couldn't get me to use anything else. Nature's Pellets is the BEST!

    - Sue O. Hagerty, Coyote Rock Ranch Breeding/Operations Manager


  • Nature's Bedding Pellets have worked wonders for our horses. We've tried shavings and just about everything else and nothing have come close. It really makes cleaning easier and the barn smells so much more pleasant!

    - Sharon Hyde


  • I have been using Nature's Bedding for a couple of years. Besides using it for the four horses in my barn, I use it for litter in my cockatoo cages. One time last year, my regular supplier was not able to deliver when I needed to restock, so I called another source that advertised bedding pellets on their website. Their bedding pellets were actually stove pellets. Those pellets did not perform as well as the Nature's Bedding; they did not break down and 'fluff' as well, and did not absorb liquid and odor as well. So, I now have lined out several sources for Nature's Bedding so I will always have it available.

    - Gwynn Hallberg DVM